Sustainability Policy

We are all aware of our impact on the environment and here at Meadow Cottage, we make a conscious effort to be as eco-friendly as possible without compromising the comfort of our guests. Below are some of the steps we have taken to be as "green" as possible:


  • All our gas and electricity comes from 100% renewable sources.

  • The house has an EPC rating of B thanks to the added insulation, double glazing etc added in the renovations

  • Our air-filtration system not only removes 99% of airborne pollutants, allergens and bacteria but also diverts up to 91% of heat from the air leaving the building into the incoming supply. A 100% summer bypass valve prevents unwanted heat entering the home on hotter days, using less energy than intermittent fans.

  • All interior and exterior lights have been replaced by low energy LED bulbs.

  • All electrical items in guest and private areas are A rated or above.

  • All guest room have low-energy kettles.

  • We only wash towels and bed linen every 4 nights unless asked to do so more frequently by guests.

  • All showers are served by mains water pressure.

  • Our hot water re-circulation pump ensures water is not wasted while waiting for hot water to come through.

  • All rooms have independent heating controls and we only heat bedrooms when in use.


  • All our bathrooms feature hospitality-standard soap dispensers to reduce packaging and unused product waste. The Faith In Nature toiletries are high quality, naturally derived and cruelty-free, with 100% natural fragrance.

  • We remove recyclable material from guestroom bins and recycle glass, card, paper, plastics, foil and garden waste.

  • We use email where possible rather than post and print double-sided where we can using recycled ink cartridges.

  • We encourage use of public transport with timetables and information available.

  • We encourage walkers and cyclists with maps and books to borrow.

  • We offer guests secure cycle storage.

  • Food is sourced locally to reduce food miles and many items are homemade.

  • Food is carefully ordered and cooked to order to minimise waste.

  • We encourage wildlife in the garden, do take time to watch the bird feeders and sit by the pond

  • Reduce our car use by using local shops and delivery services.

  • We encourage guests to use local businesses, shops, cafés and restaurants.

We continually look at ways to improve our commitment to green issues while encouraging our guests to do the same.